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lundi 14 mars 2011

You Know You've Lived in China Too Long When...

 Voila quelques trucs qui sont vrais chez moi :

 > 2. You enjoy karaoke
> 5. You smoke in crowded elevators.
> 6. All white people look the same to you
> 7. You like the smell of the bus.
> 8. You find state-employed retail staff helpful, knowledgeable and friendly
> 11. You throw your used toilet paper in the basket (as a courtesy to the next person)
(C'est con mais c est vrai que ca a ete dur pour moi de me remettre a jeter le papier dans les toilettes, au debut je cherchais la corbeille) 
> 20. You think that a $7 shirt is a rip-off         (d ou je m achete plus d habits en France)

> 27. You feel cheated if you don't receive a full head and shoulder massage when getting a haircut
> 33. You accept the fact that you have to queue to get a number for the next queue

> 45. You start to watch CCTV9 and feel warm and comforted by the governments great work
> 52. The last time you visited your mother, you gave her your business card     (lol)
> 56. Pollution, what pollution?
> 57. You think "white pills, blue pills, and pink powder" is an adequate answer to the question "What are you giving me, doctor?"
> 65. You get homesick for Chinese food when away from China.
> 77. You cannot say a number without making the appropriate hand sign
> 79. You start recognising the chinese songs on the radio and sing along to them with the taxi driver

... you can pick up more rice with chopsticks than with a spoon


... you judge people not by their clothes but by which brand of cigarettes they smoke.

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